The eighteenth-century Palazzo Grassi, a few steps from Corso del Popolo, houses the Museum of Zoology Adriatic Giuseppe Olivi.
In the museum you can see up close many marine organisms Adriatic, to know the characteristics and the living environment.


Room after room the historic collection of Trieste and Rovinj, exhibition panels and multimedia stations introduce visitors to the biodiversity and variety of marine ecosystems, telling habits and behaviors of the animals that inhabit the underwater world.
The museum also conducts visitors to ask themselves delicate and controversial issues such as the relationship between man and sea, between tradition and innovation, between yesterday and today. Visiting the museum will also have the opportunity to observe closely the large sample of female basking shark caught in Chioggia in 2003.
A modern museum, that if one side has one of the oldest collections of marine animals and most important in Italy, the other, thanks to the many corners interactive, direct experiments shown in the key to learning a new, clear, and why not, fun!


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